Disinformation Department

It all started with the story about the stork. You all probably know the yarn about how the stork brings babies. Those of you who bought into it probably ended up being surprised to learn that things work just a little bit differently. Well, that’s the way it is with everything. So I established the Department of Disinformation, which will help you face the truth. Its goal is to set things straight and to lay to rest other traditional fairy-tales and myths.

I’ll start with myself, with Adam. We live in an era of coming out, openness and all that, and so I’ll be honest with you about how things really were with me. But a word of warning: the truth can be cruel, so make sure you’re bold enough to face it. It’s best if you’re the kind of guy with a “blasphemous” sense of humor. The others can move right on to the next paragraph. Okay, ready? Now click here for my own personal “coming out”.

 The newspapers are full of information about the decreasing birth rate in the western industrialized world. Check out the demographics section for links to the relevant statistics. Tomáš and his friends (Tomáš is a demographer and Adam’s expert on the subject) will be continually updating and commenting on this demographic information.

Equally interesting and important are statistics related to assisted reproduction, for instance patients’ demographic breakdown, the causes of infertility, and treatment success rates. Of course, the most important information for all you Adams out there is about spermiogram values. You’ll find plenty of links in the Reproductive medicine in numbers section.




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