Birth rates in America

In this section, you will find data not only on the United States, but also for the rest of the world.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) operates an extensive website with statistical data on health in the USA. If you’re looking for statistics on infertility, check out my section Reproductive medicine in numbers, but the CDC website also has a large section with information on families entitled “National Survey of Family Growth,” which offers a long list of interesting topics, such as information on adoptions and on non-biological parents. By the way, right after the statistics on adoption, you’ll find information on attitudes towards condom use. Those Americans are real sticklers for alphabetization...

According to my expert adviser Tomáš Sobotka, the best demographic website is run by the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), which publishes an annual World Population Data Sheet. The PRB’s website is full of interesting tables and information on reproductive health, forms of birth, newborn deaths, mortality rates for birthing mothers, and contraceptives. For instance, you’ll learn that condom use among married women aged 15-49 ranges from 43% in Japan to 0% in Somalia – just in case you were interested. No info on how many men use condoms, though. Maybe the data is for women slipping their condoms onto vibrators…?

You can also find worldwide demographic information on the website of the French demographic institute (INED), in the section All the countries in the world. 

As you can see, not even the official American and international statistics deal much with men. But some demographers are starting to include them in their figures. Here, for instance, is an interesting article about fertility among Canadian men. 


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