PR strategy – experts

Experts should be dealt with politely. You can ask them questions, which they should answer. For inspiration, have a look at this scene from the movie Maybe Baby, with Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr. Bean) as a gynecologist There is no generally applicable PR strategy for experts, just as there is no universal partner strategy. One advantage, however, is the fact that you can change doctors if one isn’t to your liking. Sure, you can also change partners, but the procedure is much more complicated. 

As I’ve said before, medicine and adoption are not an exact science. There’s still a lot we don’t know. So if an expert answers your question by saying “I don’t know,” don’t take this as a sign of ignorance. In fact, it shows his professionalism and his sense of responsibility towards you.

Before all possibilities have been thoroughly studied (researchers call this “theoretical saturation”), any consultations should definitely be attended by both partners. Afterwards, you will probably feel as if each of you was at a different meeting – you’re likely to remember only “your” information. This is an opportunity to test you “partner” PR strategy. I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences elsewhere. It is definitely better to subject your PR strategy to a stress test right at the beginning (when you have sufficient mental and emotional strength) than to let things slide, end up each of you with different information, and then having to come up with a PR strategy towards your divorce lawyers. For good measure, have another look at the map found under “How to get there.”


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