PR strategy – partner

Don’t expect Adam to give you advice on how to talk with women. Maybe the guys in Parliament can help out. But what I’m 100% sure of is that ignoring a problem never works. The usual result is that your partner develops her own PR strategy, which usually ends up working against the guy. Any strategy that keeps to the basic rules of PR is a good strategy.

The first topic of discussion between you and your partner should be the creation of the other PR strategies (child, others, experts) – if each of you says something else to members of these groups, you’ll find yourself putting out fires left and right.

I’ve already mentioned the man’s role as gentleman/protector, since gender roles are not distributed evenly when it comes to making babies. Often, guys really can do nothing more than support their partner and make sure she doesn’t feel like she has do deal with it on her own. Offering support and protection can be more difficult than being a patient: it is hard to watch helplessly as someone you love is suffering – especially if the infertility is with the guy and he feels that his partner is suffering because of him. This is a true test of manhood.  

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