Websites of international associations

Websites of international societies are an excellent source of good information.  

The most important European organization focused on reproductive medicine is the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, ESHRE. In collaboration with Oxford University Press, ESHRE publishes one of the leading journals of reproductive medicine, Human Reproduction The group’s website also offers a list of other publications. ESHRE is composed of several expert groups that regularly publish their standpoints or recommendations concerning certain issues such as ethics. Here, you will also find information on the legislative framework for assisted reproduction in various countries. You can find various ESHRE statistics in the Department of Disinformation.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)  is an American version of ESHRE. It publishes the journal Fertility and SterilityIts website  contains news, guidelines, opinions, and recommendations regarding various topics related to reproductive medicine. American statistics related to families and reproductive medicine can be found in the Department of Disinformation.

International Society of Fertility Societies (IFFS) is an international association of national groups. Its website contains links to important magazines and offers updated information on the state of assisted reproduction around the world. is perhaps the most comprehensive international website on in vitro fertilization. Its audience are doctors, embryologists, nurses, social workers, and patients. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find out who finances the site. The only information on the site is that it was founded by two doctors and that the site has an advisory council consisting of experts from around the world. The website has an educational section containing much important and useful information. Also useful is the diagram describing the steps involved in IVF, including risks, religious opinions, and so on. Clicking on the individual steps provides you with a description, pictures, photographs, etc.

Fertility Treatment Abroad is a new web site which gives infertile couples the information they need to make the right choice of infertility clinic in another country. It’s the most comprehensive online resource for people wanting to find out what’s available, how much it costs, what the success rates are and then to get in touch with clinics abroad. And....Fertility Treatment Abroad incorporates a “Good Practice Score”, based on compliance with the ESHRE Good Practice Guide for cross-border reproductive care.

There are plenty of non-professional (layperson’s) organizations and websites focused on involuntary childlessness. Here are a few, which contain links to dozens or even hundreds of similar sites.

Fertility Europe (FE)  is a European alliance of non-profit organizations focuses on supporting people who are struggling with unfulfilled parenthood. Its website contains contacts to other European organizations , which can be of great help for those who are looking for help in another country or are looking for additional information from non-profit organizations. 

International Consumer Support for Infertility (iCSi)  is an international network of non-profit organizations whose website contains contacts to non-profits around the world.

One serious cause of reduced fertility in women is endometriosis. An excellent source of information on pains in the lower abdomen (one symptom of endometriosis) is the website of the Pelvic Pain Support Network.

 The European Patient’s Forum (EPF) is a European alliance of patient organizations, no matter what illness. It is a partner of the EU in negotiations on healthcare in Europe.

The International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO) is pretty much self-explanatory. Among other things, it helped author a Declaration on Patient-Centered Healthcare 

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