The phrase “do it yourself” may not be the most suitable for this website, but clever visitors will surely understand that by this I mean doing you’re your own spermiogram. It won’t be as complicated as described in the WHO manual mentioned in the Spermiogram online section, but on the other hand it won’t be quite as precise, either.

Home testing kits look something like thisThe test can determine whether your sperm count differs from the reference values. Nothing more. 

This test is a bit more complicated. The package contains a little microscope with instructions on how to evaluate your sample. You will be evaluating sperm count as well as motility.

 And to make sure your sperm counting goes smoothly, I recommend playing this tune 

 If the test shows values close to or better than the reference values, congratulations – but don’t celebrate too soon. Like I said in my introduction to this section, plenty of other factors come into play....  If the test shows values that are lower than the reference values, don’t – it doesn’t really mean anything yet, but it’s a good idea not to put off visiting a specialist who will evaluate your sample using the complicated WHO manual.

 I welcome your experiences both with tests as well as with their availability, and will pass them on to other needy individuals. Write me


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